What Hauntorama is:

Hauntorama specializes in creating haunting designs for people interested in clothing and design with an alternative flair.

Not only does Hauntorama offer cutting edge design of its own, but we have compiled a list of clothing and accessories to fit virtually every alternative taste all in one place. We really are your one-stop-shop for all things "different".

What Hauntorama is not:

Hauntorama is not a typical Halloween only site. Hauntorama doesn't do recipes, makeup tips, party tips, etc. If you want that, go on over to Club Haunt, Molly's Halloween Page or some other Martha Stewart type page.

Although some of the material may be of a more mature nature, it's not pornographic. There's lots of sites out there if ya want that.

Who Runs Hauntorama?

David Collier (aka Haunted House Dave) has been in the television, motion picture and graphic design industries since 1990 and involved in the haunt industry for over 20 years. He has been involved with some of Hollywood's creepiest moviefare including Pitch Black, The X-Files Movie, End of Days and Alien: Resurrection to name a few. Past graphic design clients include Inquira, Netopia, Verizon and is the webmaster of Club Haunt, A Halloween and Horror Community promoting safe alternatives for families at Halloween. David is the owner/operator of Hauntorama. To view David's other design work, go to the ParticleBox.com web site.

Jeff Baham (aka Chef Mayhem) is an accomplished graphic designer and art director. Jeff is the creator of the hugely successful Doombuggies web site and is one of Hauntorama's creative consultants with over 20 years experience involvement in the haunt and design industries. Jeff also recently served a full term on the Disneyland Creative Advisory Council in Anaheim, CA. The council was selected to offer creative advice and feedback to various divisions from the Disneyland Resort parks.


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