General Haunted Stuff

Club Haunt My own little information source on all things Halloween.

Dark Rider, Inc. Creators of sophisticated dark rides to the theme park industry. Great information and they also have some of their stuff for sale. Better have that credit card ready.

Doombuggies An unofficial tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansion. Nice stuff.

Halloween Town An excellent site dedicated to Tim Burton's 'Nightmare Before Christmas. Want a cute Halloween e-card? Screw that! This is sooo much better!

Spooky Con A very cool horror convention held in San Francisco, California.

Goth Related Sites

Goth.Net A very well designed site all about the goth community.

NYC Gothic & Industrial Central A comprehensive guide to the Gothic Industrial scene of New York City.

Toronto Gothic The Goth scene in Toronto

Vampire Related Nuff said.

Vampress.Net She's been making undead look good since 1998.

  Bite Me Banner

Just Plain Bizarre (and kinda cool too)

Coney Island Circus Sideshow Step right up and see the Scorpion Mystic, Bambi the Mermaid and others.

Grim Rides I bet you didn't know there's a funeral car club. Now ya do. For folks who fear rubber noses and big feet.




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